SR Mecatronic specialises in the design, development and production of high quality automatic satellite systems that are both reliable and durable for the leisure market (caravan & motorhomes).

SR Mecatronic was founded in 2008 by the current General Manager Mr Marco Santoli.

SR Mecatronic specialises in the design, development and production of automatic satellite systems for the leisure market (caravans and motorhomes).

SR Mecatronics primary industrial policy is the elimination of waste. We have developed a product that is solely “Made In Italy”, to provide the highest quality and efficiency and giving customers the ultimate satisfaction at an affordable price.

The company is equipped with the latest in advanced testing equipment which allows us to perform accurate testing. This ensures maximum reliability and safety for production and meets the strictest quality criteria.

Since founded, SR Mecatronic in just a short time has achieved an excellent reputation in Italy, Europe and throughout the international markets.

SR Mecatronic is both a production and distribution company. Our destination is to revolutionize the path from designing to achieving perfect living leisure.



SR Mecatronic: quality assurance

Throughout numerous product tests and evaluation in our laboratories we can gaurantee maximum reliability for the user.

Before final production, prototypes are put through 10,000 cycle tests (10 year normal use) in a series of different temperatures and climates.Detailed quality control during the production process and individual antenna testing gaurantees faultless operation. Failure rates well below a 1% margin and an unparalled 3 year warranty.

Sr Mecatronic automatic satellite systems: technical specifications of the electronic parts

The microswitches used in our automatic satellite systems are completely watertight and feature gold plated contacts, which guarantees contact every time.

The circuit situated in the dish housing (connections and resonance filter) is fully protected against water and condensation. The internal circuit board, used in the positioner, has 4 different layers with printed circuits.

An incorporated safety system (with audible buzzer) will closie the antenna as soon as the engine of the vehicle is started (D+ after contact).

The satellite search is done fully automatically, with a possibility of different satellite choices with Dvbs2 tuner

With automatic memory position, the satellite keeps in memory the last used position to find the satellite location quicker.

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