SR Booster 12V

SR Booster 12V – Emergency starter

This is an emergency starter for vehicles
with a smart, lightweight, compact 12V
starter battery with LED indicators to
display status information. With a starting
current of 2,000 A, this booster can
start vehicles more than 15 consecutive
times. The third generation starter is
built with QDSP (Quick Discharge Start
Power) technology. With the same
battery capacity, a QDSP starter is able
to provide a starting current 3/5 times
higher than that provided by a starter with
a second generation lithium battery. In
addition, QDSP technology guarantees
good starting capabilities, even at low
temperatures. The starter has a magnetic
base for versatile use and is also equipped
with a 2.4 A USB output, useful for
powering and charging various digital
devices, an emergency lantern with high
intensity light and an intermittent red light
for signalling dangerous situations.

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