SR C17

Air conditioning
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SRMECair is designed to be among the most efficient ceiling air conditioning systems on the market. The best in performance and comfort is ensured with painstaking attention to detail: • innovative thermal insulation materials and quality plastics; • diffusers and fins with a functional and refined design to ensure an even more uniform and comfortable air distribution;

power supply -15°C +45°C
total weight with packaging 29,0 kg
dimensions External air conditioner housing 810X600X340 Mm
outdoor unit weight 22,8 kg
indoor unit weight 2,950 kg
total air conditioner weight 25,75 kg
dimensions Air Conditioner 766x537x239 Mm
indoor unit size 485x485x35 Mm
absorbed cooling current 2,8 Ah
absorbed cooling powe 644W
inrush current 14 Ah
inrush power 3200 W
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